Monday, 11 January 2016

Saturday, 12 December 2015

I am just tired, tired of faking, tired of having to put on a mask of smiles and a voice of laughs every morning. Tired of people either cursing me or not knowing of my existence. Tired of having to put a shell around my crying and my giving up, tired of having to fight back at mean words. As a great woman once said "I am normal in my nightmares" and that great woman will know when she reads that it is her. If you are not living under a rock then you would of heard the quote from The Vampire Diaries " Sometimes really terrible things happen to really incredible people." and if you know anyone who that happens to comment their names below. Trust me I have experienced this myself...
Hi, as you can tell by the website name, I am not an average girl. Now I am not going to make promises like I will post daily or that I will be a post all positive things, because I am not like that and I am not fake. So I won't pretend to be fake, I would say something like " hello, I am Maya, I am a happy positive person." but I want this to be where I let out everything people don't see on the outside. I will however promise that everything here is real, well at least as real as I think it should be. I do however promise EVERYTHING in my life is unusual and weird. The only real name I will use here is mine, because otherwise people get angry. But I am pretty sure that the true me will spark out when I write this. In real life I am a bit shy, but " she " isn't (she is me when I type, it is like another person) and I can write anything to total strangers, but not to my friends.